Welcome to the South African Orchid Council

The South African Orchid Council is your link to the orchid growing community in South Africa. It is the governing body for 22 societies throughout South Africa.

Join the fantastic world of orchids and enjoy the many privileges of being a member of the South African Orchid Council:

  • Two exciting, full colour journals a year with information for the beginner and seasoned collector alike.
  • Monthly electronic newsletter with topical information, notices of orchid shows throughout the country and reports on the society shows with beautiful photos to enjoy.
  • The opportunity to enter your plants into any SAOC affiliated orchid society show.
  • The prospect of receiving a coveted SAOC award for a quality plant or a well-grown plant when judged by the accredited SAOC judges.
  • Automatic membership to Operation Wildflower.
  • Be part of a network of like-minded people who happily share information and experience on orchid growing.

Are you looking for an orchid group in your area? Simply select the society nearest to you and join a world of interesting people and fascinating plants.

For most, orchid growing has become a rewarding and relaxing hobby. Once the orchid bug has bitten - there is no escape!